3 changes the Mets should make after blowing the series against the Reds

New York Mets v Cincinnati Reds
New York Mets v Cincinnati Reds / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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Remember the 2022 New York Mets and all of the consistent joy they brought us? It took them forever to lose a series. This hasn’t been the case in 2023.

We now have to go back to the San Francisco Giants series for the last time the Mets didn’t lose a series. That was a split in four. They did manage to take two out of three from the Los Angeles Dodgers prior to playing the Giants. It was a high point of the season to beat Noah Syndergaard even if it was the same day Max Scherzer was ejected.

So much has happened since. In their last 9 games, the Mets have lost to three of MLB’s most miserable teams 7 times. Their lone wins were a 1-0 victory against the Colorado Rockies and a 2-1 win versus the Cincinnati Reds. It’s time for a change. Before opening up their series against the Washington Nationals on Friday, the Mets need to make these three changes.

1) The NY Mets need to promote Ronny Mauricio immediately

Heck, they can bring up Mark Vientos, too. Ronny Mauricio is just a slightly better fit with an obvious role he could have on the team. Sit Mark Canha and move Jeff McNeil to left field. Let Mauricio play second base as much as possible. With Vientos, he could be the right-handed DH and even get a couple of reps in as the left fielder simply to get his bat into the lineup.

The important thing is for the Mets to get a hot bat into the lineup. Calling up Brett Baty and Francisco Alvarez has clearly been a good decision. It’s time to stop holding the kids back and make another wise choice.

To clear the roster spot, Luis Guillorme would be the unfortunate scapegoat. He hasn’t played all that well this year and because he is one of only a small number of players the team can demote, he’d have to lose his roster spot.

Something has to change. A spark in the lineup from one of the youngsters can do the trick.