2 Mets who playing above their contract value, 2 who still need to earn their money

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Adam Ottavino has played above his contract value for the NY Mets

Following a rough campaign with the Boston Red Sox, the Mets took a chance on Adam Ottavino in 2022 and were instantly rewarded. Ottavino excelled in his new role, putting up a 2.06 ERA as the primary setup man for Edwin Diaz. The Mets were quick to sign him this offseason, hopeful that he would continue his dominance into the new season.

Not only is Ottavino pitching well again for the Mets, he is actually pitching better than he did last season. Through his first seven appearances, he has allowed just one run and recorded eight strikeouts. While he is still primarily slotted for the 8th inning, he has also gotten some looks in the closer role as well, occasionally switching roles with David Robertson.

His contract for this season was initially reported to be for 1 year and $7.5 million, which is a fair deal for an elite bullpen arm. However, $4 million of that contract is deferred through 2035, meaning that Ottavino is technically only making $3.5 million this season. He also has a player option for 2024 should he decide to opt in.

At such a low cost, Adam Ottavino is proving to be one of the best value set-up men across the entire league. His performance has been even more important due to the loss of Edwin Diaz, and the Mets will need him to continue his stellar play with a depleted bullpen, especially come playoff time.