2 Mets concerns beginning to fade away, 1 that will continue to linger

Cleveland Guardians v New York Mets
Cleveland Guardians v New York Mets / Elsa/GettyImages
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New York Mets fans have enjoyed the last couple of days. A huge win late against the Tampa Bay Rays has completely changed the vibe of the team. They’re exciting again. Baseball in Queens is all of a sudden the show to watch.

Some of those concerns we had even a week ago are beginning to quickly fade away. Meanwhile, another continues to linger and may not evaporate any time soon.

NY Mets concern fading away: This team can score runs and won’t give up

The Mets are around league average in runs scored and have been there for much of the year. There wasn’t any extended period where they were challenging the Oakland Athletics for the least amount of runs scored. They were never among the best either.

More important than total runs scored is when and how they’ve managed to cross the plate recently. Those two come-from-behind in the tenth victories permanently dropped our jaws to the floor. The 2023 Mets haven’t been one to fight until the end. Suddenly, this is a team that doesn’t give up until the final out.

Teams that quit will easily make fans disinterested. This was a problem with the Mets even when they were playing decent baseball. Their poor stretch in early May piled onto the disgust many of us were feeling. The Mets were disinterested and average at best. This week, they’ve been completely different.

We’ll need to see more out of this ball club to completely declare this state of emergency over. A big win that doesn’t take ten innings to complete could be all it takes for us to put our full trust back into this ball club.