3 Mets players most responsible for getting the team back to .500

Cleveland Guardians v New York Mets
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Another dramatic win by the New York Mets on Friday night has pushed the club back to .500. At 23-23, it’s not the ideal start we had hoped for and yet hardly the time to start digging a grave.

Two dramatic wins bookending their last three victories have helped revitalize the Mets. How they’ve won games has breathed new life into this ball club.

Instead of shaking our fists in disgust, we need to tip our caps to these three Mets who are most responsible for getting the team back to .500.

1) NY Mets are back to .500 thanks to Pete Alonso

Pete Alonso hasn’t been red hot but the hits he is getting are huge. A grand slam on Friday put some icing on the cake. Alonso has now hit home runs in four straight games including the loss in the opener versus the Tampa Bay Rays.

Alonso has been a full-on slugger these last few days. He doesn’t have a hit that wasn’t a home run. He is making contact, though. The big guy has struck out just once since this consecutive home run streak began. He has been the catalyst in the center of the lineup. While the hits aren’t in abundance, each has been essential during these last three games which all ended with a one-run lead.

Mets fans have gotten very used to the team winning when Alonso hits well and doing the exact opposite when he doesn’t. Big flies from the Polar Bear are paying off. We’d definitely like him to do a bit more, but how can we argue with the results?

Alonso is issuing souvenirs. The Mets are winning. They’re back at .500 thanks to him.