2 Mets coaches who deserve to be fired after Buck Showalter, 1 who doesn’t but will be

How much cleaning of the coaching staff will the Mets do?
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We should all expect David Stearns to clean house as soon as possible. It’s what he did with the Milwaukee Brewers. It feels like it’s going to happen with the New York Mets.

It’s fair. It’s his ship now. He should get to pick his skipper.

While the expectation is for everyone to get fired, not everyone will deserve it. Who has earned a pink slip and who’ll get one unfairly?

NY Mets hitting coach Jeremy Barnes didn’t do anything to keep his job

The hitting coach is usually one of the first scapegoats. Jeremy Barnes somehow managed to survive the season and we can speculate as to why. Aside from people maybe liking him, an early firing of Barnes would have eventually led to the possible elimination of someone else. Steve Cohen may be a ruthless businessman but owning a team that fired two hitting coaches in the same year is probably unsettling if you could have just stuck it out with one of them.

Where Barnes deserves the negative press is how poorly many of the younger Mets performed. Brett Baty was in a season-long slump. It wasn’t until the final weeks when Mark Vientos finally began to show signs of life.

Without question, Barnes will be gone. It’s not all his fault, though. A hitting coach can only direct players so far along before the onus falls solely on them.

Nevertheless, the philosophy of a hitting coach is a big deal. How can Stearns justify keeping around a guy like Barnes who failed to prove himself? This is the nature of the beast called working for Major League Baseball. You’re hired to eventually get fired.