3 changes to the Mets we shouldn't expect under David Stearns

David Stearns will change a few things about the Mets but these areas should remain the same.
New York Mets v Miami Marlins
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We could all use a little change and certainly with the hiring of David Stearns as the first President of Baseball Operations in New York Mets history, we should expect the walls to be painted differently. Stearns will join the Mets ready to make his mark on the organization, but he doesn’t have to gut the entire ball club.

As disappointing of a year as it has been in 2023, we can’t look at the team’s record at the end to evaluate them. They sold at the trade deadline therefore gave up a lot of games they could have otherwise won. This Mets team will be remembered for their poor record when realistically they could have been much closer to .500.

A .500 team still isn’t good enough and Stearns needs to punch out some walls like they do in those HGTV commercials with a sledgehammer. A few areas, however, should remain untouched.

1) NY Mets core will remain the same under David Stearns

This isn’t a situation where the Mets are going to slowly continue to subtract. How could they? Francisco Lindor’s contract won’t run out until we have at least a few more Avatar movies. Brandon Nimmo is staying, too.

The only truly questionable member of the core who could be gone quickly is Pete Alonso and that’s only if Stearns sees no shot of extending him. Even then, carrying Alonso onto the 2024 Opening Day roster is a possibility. The Mets can cut bait with him at the trade deadline if things go south. This plan remains far fetched enough, but at least it feeds this narrative that the Mets will trade the big guy.

Stearns is coming to a premade team with lots of holes to fill, not a piece of scrap paper he saw in front of him during his tenure with the Houston Astros in their pre-recent glory days.