If the Mets fire Buck Showalter, they should be hesitant to hire any of these 3 candidates

If this is it for Buck Showalter, the Mets need to be cautious about who they replace him with.
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Will Buck Showalter become a victim of the fiasco known as the 2023 New York Mets? As the manager of the team, he’s one of the most logical scapegoats to go.

There has been a lot of anticipation as to what David Stearns will do in the managerial seat. Does he give Showalter the courtesy of sticking around for another year or rip the cord quickly and bring in his own guy? Many are already expecting Craig Counsell to be a candidate. We also cannot rule out the possibility of Showalter stepping down or taking on another role with the Mets for a one year promotion so they’re paying him to at least do something.

Whatever happens, the big mistake could be if the Mets replaced Showalter with any of these high-profile candidates who could be looking for a new manager role next season.

1) NY Mets replacing Buck Showalter with Bob Melvin feels too lateral

There was a time when Bob Melvin felt like a much better fit for the Mets. When they were looking for a new skipper after the 2021 season to replace Luis Rojas, Melvin was one of the top candidates suspected of landing in Flushing. He ended up with the San Diego Padres instead where he has led the team to a pair of seasons very similar to what we witnessed in New York.

Going from Showalter to Melvin feels too lateral. We can debate how much the managerial style might differ. Whatever the argument for or against it might be, something about Melvin seems ill-fitting for the Mets at this point. Why not just keep Showalter or look for a different type of personality?

Melvin is still under contract for 2024 but like the case is with Showalter, he is on the hot seat. He would be a boring choice and one that will probably feel like any problems the Mets had in 2023 will simply continue.