3 Brodie Van Wagenen moves aging well

New York Mets Introduce Luis Rojas
New York Mets Introduce Luis Rojas / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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2) NY Mets drafting Brett Baty looks like it will work out well

Many of Van Wagenen’s top draft picks have already been traded. It’s karma catching up. He did the same thing to the previous regime’s top picks. Brett Baty managed to survive the changes at the top. He looks like a big asset to the organization moving forward.

We already saw Baty make his MLB debut in 2022. A home run in his first trip to the plate definitely had Van Wagenen feeling himself. At least someone he drafted can continue on with the Mets in a big way.

The Mets traded BVW’s other first-round pick, Pete Crow-Armstrong. Matt Allan, a guy Van Wagenen built the 2019 draft around acquiring, has suffered through some major injuries. His future is more uncertain than ever.

Not Baty. He’s a contender for two starting jobs in 2023. Either the third baseman or left fielder of the future in Flushing, Baty arrived in the majors ahead of schedule. Due to need but also how well he was playing in the minors, it’s looking like at least one addition Van Wagenen made to the farm is going to benefit the Amazins.

This move by the Van Wagenen version of the Mets aging well is the least surprising. Baty came out of high school as the twelfth overall pick. Immediately, many believed it was a solid selection. So far, however, it hasn’t necessarily been the best-looking move of all. Time will tell.