Brett Baty can immediately do to the Braves what Chipper Jones did to Mets fans

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Brett Baty will get a chance to make his major league debut for the New York Mets in a pennant race against the biggest rival of the franchise, the Atlanta Braves. Expected to play for the team beginning in the ongoing series against the Braves, the full changing of the guard in the National League East can begin to take place with a big opening series from Baty.

From 1995-2012, the Braves had a third baseman—you might remember him—named Chipper Jones. And, well, Chipper was such an all-time Mets killer that fans actually came to respect him. He even paid homage by naming one of his children Shea after the old Mets ballpark.

The stage is set for Baty to immediately do to the Braves what Jones did to the Mets for so long.

Mets fans are ready for Brett Baty to be their Chipper Jones to the Braves

This year’s rivalry between the Mets and Braves is red hot. With the two still fighting for National League supremacy and a variety of ways they could end up meeting in the postseason, promotions like this one further add to the excitement.

Up until this point, the Mets have avoided calling up any major prospects. Meanwhile, the Braves have been dipping into their farm system regularly with youngsters like Michael Harris II, our good friend Spencer Strider, and most recently Vaughn Grissom getting the call.

Baty’s promotion comes in a major time of need for the ball club. Down Luis Guillorme and some questions about Eduardo Escobar’s health as well, it was a logical next step for front office to do. The Mets are at the beginning of a major road trip against three different playoff contenders. They’ll need all of the firepower they can get.

Although it’s Chipper who has the greater reputation as a Mets killer, Baty has been compared to Freddie Freeman in the past. It might have something to do with the two kind of looking like each other. Freeman was certainly no joy to face. So, even if he’s not quite Jones, it wouldn’t be such a bad result if Baty becomes the Mets version of Freeman when facing the Braves. No pressure.

At only 22, Baty enters a pennant race similar to the way Jones had his full rookie season in 1995—a year which featured a Braves championship. Mets fans can only hope that link is there, too.

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