Brett Baty should have more than a temporary stay in New York

New York Mets Photo Day
New York Mets Photo Day / Benjamin Rusnak/GettyImages

Brett Baty is expected to be called up by the New York Mets and it might not just be a cup of coffee. He’s going to get a chance to down a lot more.

In the absence of Luis Guillorme and Eduardo Escobar, it makes a lot of sense to promote Baty to the major league roster. Rather than roll with Deven Marrero for an extended period of time, they’re going to give Baty a shot.

The Mets roster could have Brett Baty on it for more than a few weeks

Although we’re heading toward the home stretch of the 2022 MLB season, the time Baty spends on the major league roster could be permanent. Thanks to the September roster expansion which will include two extra roster spots, there’s no need for Baty to only visit.

In September, MLB teams get a chance to fly 28 players around the country. One of those roster spots could belong to Baty as long as he plays well.

Despite having a poor reputation as a fielder, Baty has at least gained some experience at positions other than third base. He has seen action both there at the hot corner and in left field this season. It’s a minor detail but one that does allow the Mets at least a little more flexibility on a roster without much of it.

Most important is how Baty hits. As a left-handed stick, he’ll join a team that already has Daniel Vogelbach in a shared platoon with Darin Ruf and Tyler Naquin on its bench swinging from the same side. When Guillorme returns, he’ll be yet another left-handed hitter added to the mix.

The preferred choice might be for a right-handed hitter but if that was really what they wanted above anything else, the team would have promoted Mark Vientos instead.

Baty, who was only recently promoted to Syracuse, now passes Vientos and even Francisco Alvarez on the road to the major leagues. In his case, it’s the circumstance that opened up. Go get ‘em Brett. We’ll send out the Baty Signal.

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