Best trade destination for each of the Mets bats on the trade market

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NY Mets trade candidate Jeff McNeil is a fit for the Chicago White Sox

The Chicago White Sox are a team on the rise and one thing they have room for is an upgrade at second base. They didn’t get much out of Cesar Hernandez there last year. With Leury Garcia first on the depth chart for the position in 2022, they need to think about a guy like McNeil as a solution.

The White Sox already have a right-handed-heavy starting lineup with a few switch hitters among them to break it up. McNeil could give them a strictly left-handed-hitting bat to insert in the lineup either at the top or in the latter part of the starting nine. Also capable of playing other positions aside from second base, McNeil brings with him many talents that should intrigue a team like the White Sox.

The problem I always run into when thinking about a trade between the Mets and White Sox is exactly what the Southsiders have to offer. Another team with a steady starting rotation last year, the only guy we could conceivably think they would trade is Dallas Keuchel. He wasn’t very good at all last season. This could end up becoming yet another veteran addition to the Mets that doesn’t work out.

It has also been proposed by some, including former Mets general manager Jim Bowden, that the team should pursue Craig Kimbrel. Once the best closer in baseball, he also comes with warning signs. Nevertheless, the White Sox, maybe more than any other championship contender, could benefit a lot from having McNeil on their team.