3 best prospects Mets could trade at the trade deadline

New York Mets v Miami Marlins
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With less than six weeks left until the August 2 trade deadline, the New York Mets have to start formulating trade packages that would entice other teams to give up the players the Mets need.

As for the Mets, their packages will most likely revolve around their prospects in the minor leagues, so which Mets prospects should fans expect the team to depart with before the first Tuesday in August? There are a few of them whose names should come up when the Mets are negotiating.

Mets’ No. 3 prospect Ronny Mauricio might not have a place on the roster in Queens at all.

The talk of the Mets’ minor league system this year has revolved around the team’s top three prospects in Francisco Alvarez, Brett Baty, and Rony Mauricio. You’d figure that for Alvarez and Baty there would be a locker waiting for them when they are major league ready. For Alvarez, possibly this year as a potential designated hitter, and for Baty to be the heir apparent at third base following Eduardo Escobar.

Mauricio’s outlook on a Mets roster isn’t so clear. The Mets already have Francisco Lindor locked in at shortstop for the rest of the decade, and at second base you’d have Jeff McNeil and Luis Guillorme for the long term (McNeil has two years left of team control and Guillorme three). McNeil is a strong candidate to stay in Queens long-term via a contract extension, so where exactly can the Mets put Mauricio?

It would be wise to imagine that the next big blockbuster trade the Mets make for a high-quality player that Mauricio would center the return package. Mauricio could be excellent for rebuilding teams like the A’s, Cubs, and Reds.

Mauricio is currently the Mets’ No. 3 prospect on MLB.com and the No. 68 overall prospect in baseball. He is batting .247 with 11 home runs, 16 doubles, 11 stolen bases, 12 walks, and 60 strikeouts. And he is 6’3”, quite tall for a shortstop.