Best Mets trade chip at the deadline is no secret

New York Mets v Miami Marlins
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The New York Mets will be buyers at this year’s trade deadline—barring some kind of epic collapse we don’t even want to think about. Freddy Kreuger appearing in your nightmares is more pleasant than the thought of the Mets dropping so out of contention that they are selling this summer.

Over at, they published a story profiling the best trade chip for each team. The player from the Mets is fairly obvious.

Ronny Mauricio is the best Mets trade chip according to

Here’s what Anthony DiComo had to say about Ronny Mauricio and why he is such a good trade chip for the Mets this year:

"Until the Mets either trade him or move him permanently to another position, No. 3 prospect Ronny Mauricio will remain one of the most obvious trade candidates in baseball. A natural shortstop who is blocked at that position for the next decade by Francisco Lindor, Mauricio could fetch a strong return in a trade despite a middling season so far at Double-A Binghamton. Recently, the Mets have experimented with Mauricio at second base and in right field, but they’ve resisted using him there in games, knowing his trade value is highest as a shortstop."

Every point about Mauricio’s future with the Mets is covered. Francisco Lindor isn’t moving away from shortstop anytime soon. While that day may come, at the absolute earliest, it will come after we’ve all agreed 2026 was the worst year of our lives.

The Mets have made no commitment at all to move him anywhere despite plenty of speculation over the years. Second base would make sense. Even center field, briefly, was a possibility.

As DiComo explained, the Mets understand far more teams would come knocking if he remains at shortstop. Putting him somewhere else only works if the team intends to keep him around. They haven’t made it clear whether or not they will. However, the Lindor extension pretty much solidified that fact.

The Mets haven’t been shy about trading away young shortstops. To acquire Lindor, Amed Rosario and Andres Gimenez were both dealt to Cleveland. Mauricio could follow suit except any trade involving him would be to add in another position.

One question nobody quite knows yet: what would the Mets look to land in exchange for Ronny Mauricio?

The team is in a pretty good spot right now as far as trade deadline needs go. They could use a big bat to DH regularly. A veteran bullpen arm could improve their relief corps. A starting pitcher could be used now but isn’t so necessary with guys on their way back. Would the Mets do something like trade Mauricio for a two-month rental?

They probably would be able to pull off something similar to what they did last year by trading Pete Crow-Armstrong for Javier Baez and Trevor Williams. Although the team didn’t make the postseason, they were both strong acquisitions.

After years of Mauricio hype, it might feel a little underwhelming for the Mets to then trade him for a player or two who aren’t with the organization for long. But for the chance to win the 2022 World Series, it’s the right move to think about making.

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