10 best free agent targets the Mets need to go after hard in the next two offseasons

These 10 free agents need to be Mets targets over the next two offseasons.
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The New York Mets are on one of the most disappointing seasons in franchise history. The team has put its expectations for this year on hold and has migrated to a plan for the future in the short and medium term with the acquisition of various prospects in the past trade deadline.

This new vision and direction of the team make the front office look at the options available in the market, especially for 2024 and 2025. In this sense, the market offers options that can contribute to improving positions in which the team has a need, these ten candidates being the ones that best fit this new Mets strategy.

10) John Means could be an option for the Mets rotation starting in 2025

The Mets did a good job last trade deadline, driving the highest possible return on their stars. In these trades, the Mets managed to get position players with high potential to impact MLB, which was a wise decision since the next free agencies do not have many relevant options.

However, the team still needs pitching, especially in the rotation part. The 2025 class has several options for pitchers with track records and good performance in their MLB career that could be targeted for the Mets, where John Means enters as a viable option.

Means is in the process of recovery after Tommy John surgery performed in 2022. The Orioles left-hander could return in late 2023 or 2024 in what would be his last year of guaranteed contract before hitting free agency.

Means has been an efficient pitcher with great command and control of his pitches and has been efficient in a ballpark whose dimensions at the time were not an advantage for a left-handed pitcher. Means could be a low-cost target for the Mets, who could enter in the mid-lower part of the rotation, offering impact potential for the team.