5 best Mets options at the DH spot next season ranked

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The New York Mets go into the offseason this season with multiple objectives to cover different areas of need within the roster. Among these spots, the designated hitter position is presented as an area of ​​real need on the team after we saw Daniel Vogelbach fill the position in a mediocre way in the team's lineup.

Over the past few years, the Mets have failed to obtain a consistent power hitter at the DH position. Despite having possible internal solutions such as the team's hottest hitter at the end of last season, D.J. Stewart, the team must go to free agency to find a real bat for the position with these five cases being the best available.

5) Joc Pederson could be a good fit for the Mets

Joc Pederson has been one of the most consistent hitters in terms of hard-hit contact in the league in recent years. Specifically between the 2022 and 2023 seasons, Pederson ranks in the top 2 to 4% of the league in this department.

For a team that has lacked consistent power bats, Pederson would represent a more than adequate fit for the Mets. A left-handed hitter who has continued to improve his plate discipline would be a perfect complement to Pete Alonso in the middle of the lineup.

After accepting a qualifying offer from the San Francisco Giants, the left-handed hitter had a better season than many believe. Pederson posted a BB% of around 13.4%, placing him in the top 10% of the league while ranking in the top in departments such as Exit Velocity, Hard Hit%, and xwOBA.

Pederson has characterized himself as a hitter who slaughters fastballs, hitting for an xSLG above .500 the last two seasons. Additionally, even though his batting average dropped this season, his xBA of .263 reflects that he was unlucky in many of his hits.

The Mets could sign Pederson for a reasonable sum and get the power bat they've been looking for for years. Additionally, Pederson could occasionally cover the outfield, giving the future Mets manager greater roster flexibility.