The 5 best candidates to replace Billy Eppler as the Mets GM ranked

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The New York Mets found themselves in the same week with the appointment of David Stearns as their new President of Baseball Operations and with the resignation of Billy Eppler as general manager in a surprise event. According to some sources, Eppler's unexpected resignation was due to an MLB investigation into the mishandling of players on the injured list.

Eppler arrived at the Mets in November 2021 and put together a roster that reached the postseason after winning 101 games, but then was part of one of the biggest disappointments in sports history by falling among the worst teams in baseball in 2023 after breaking the historical record for the highest payroll in baseball. The Mets need to replace Eppler and fill the position where these five candidates would be ideal.

5) The Mets can steal Ben Sestanovich from their arch-enemies, the Atlanta Braves

The front office of the Atlanta Braves has become a point of envy in the industry after the young and productive roster they have managed to assemble. Several talents have come from the Braves and have reached other organizations trying to replicate the organizational culture of the Braves, such as Dana Brown, current GM of the Houston Astros, and Perry Minasian, GM of the Los Angeles Angels.

Among the options still in the Braves' baseball operations department is Ben Sestanovich. Sestanovich came to the Braves after being the director of player development for the San Diego Padres.

The young baseball executive has managed to capture the attention of several MLB teams, who consider him a highly regarded piece. Sestanovich has been a positive influence in putting together part of the farm system of the San Diego Padres and the Atlanta Braves, both of which have great potential.

Sestanovich was considered by the Mets in 2021 in their interview rounds for the organization's GM position. In this case, this executive could help Stearns consolidate the Mets organization for the future by providing his talent to achieve the sustainability of internal talent necessary to progress.