3 best Mets decisions during the 2023 MLB Draft

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The New York Mets entered the 2023 MLB Draft intending to continue to develop their farm system. On this occasion, and due to the new penalties for exceeding tier 4 of the luxury tax, the team could not select until pick No. 32.

However, the Mets had seven picks in the first five rounds, a plus in a draft considered by many experts to be one of the deepest in recent years. The Mets organization took a course of what they were looking for in this draft, where three decisions stand out from the rest.

The Mets used their first pick on a player who could be the "steal of the draft"

The Mets went with a clear idea with their first pick of this 2023 MLB Draft to select the best possible talent, and they did so. Despite being penalized ten spots in the first round for exceeding the competitive balance tax threshold by more than $40 million last season, the Mets got a first-round value on the first pick.

The Mets selected infielder Colin Houck, an 18-year-old from Parkview HS, with the 32nd pick. Houck was considered a consensus top 15 going into this draft by the nation's top scouts, including 12th for MLB Pipeline, 10th for Keith Law for The Athletic, and 12th for Prospect Live.

Houck is an athletic young man with a mature swing, good bat speed, and a frame that projects room for his body to grow. Houck's swing guarantees a high probability of contact and power with a good defensive range and an exceptional arm. He has stood out for being a three-star quarterback.

Gatorade's Georgia state player of the year, Colin Houck possesses undoubted athleticism. The Mets managed to enhance their pick No. 32 in the best possible way, turning it into a first-round top, something remarkable in the organization that means that the penalty did not punish the team too much.