5 Mets predictions we all wish we made before the season began

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Mets prediction we wish we made: Tylor Megill is going to the All-Star Game

A surprising performance from the rotation comes from the right arm of Opening Day starter Tylor Megill. We got glimpses of what he can do last year. However, in 2022, he looks even better.

Megill didn’t allow a single earned run in his first two appearances. It wasn’t until he faced the tough lineup of the San Francisco Giants until he finally saw his 0.00 ERA evaporate. Even in that outing, Megill looked solid. Could he, like Taijuan Walker last year, be headed to his first All-Star Game in 2022?

It’s a major leap to take but a bold enough prediction to catch anyone’s eye. Megill is still greener than the other Mets starters. He’ll need to continue pitching brilliantly to have a chance at being named to the All-Star Game later this year. It’s a tough feat made only harder if the Mets continue to play well and have other candidates for the National League roster.

Even if you somehow found a way to go back in time and predict big things for Megill, I’m not sure you’d be ready to have him making an All-Star team. However, with all things equal between him and the other Mets starters, he should get an edge. It’s not uncommon for starters to bow out of appearing in the game if they’ve been there before. The others already have. Maybe this year is Megill’s chance.