5 Mets players who won’t be on the roster next season

The Mets roster will have a different look in 2024.
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The 2023 New York Mets have come nowhere close to meeting expectations as they won't play a single meaningful baseball game despite breaking records with their massive payroll. Pretty much everyone in the organization deserves some blame, but it's safe to say the Mets roster will have a new look in 2024 as they attempt to get back to playing winning baseball.

Some players we know will be here like Brandon Nimmo and Francisco Lindor. Others we hope will be here like Pete Alonso and Jeff McNeil. It's nice that the Mets have somewhat of a core still in place, at least with their position players, but the roster in general will have new players on it.

With that in mind, these five players who are currently on the roster will not be on it next season.

1) Daniel Vogelbach will not be on the NY Mets roster next season

Daniel Vogelbach has had an up-and-down tenure with the Mets. After they acquired him at the deadline last season he performed admirably, posting an .830 OPS with a 139 OPS+. He didn't hit for much power or play a position, but Vogelbach did what he's done for much of his career. Crush right-handed pitching.

This season hasn't been nearly as good for Vogelbach who has been a player Mets fans have blamed for this awful season. For the first half of the season there were reasons to blame him as Vogelbach had a .690 OPS and just five home runs prior to the all-star break. Things have been much better in the second half as Vogelbach has launched eight home runs with an .807 OPS since the break entering play on Saturday.

It's been nice to see Vogelbach play better, but he still should not be on the roster in 2024. He's just too limited of a player.

By rostering Vogelbach, they have a DH who doesn't hit for much power, can't run, can't field, and can't hit against lefties. He's a solid hitter against righties, but with Vogelbach only being able to go station to station, there isn't much the Mets can do to bring him around to score without stringing a bunch of hits together or hitting a home run.

Vogelbach does have another year of team control and won't be making much money, so maybe he'll have value around the league. Even if Mark Vientos isn't ready to take over that DH role quite yet, the Mets need to be looking for an upgrade.