3 Mets players on the 40-man roster in danger of not making it to Opening Day

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2) The Mets need to have a lot of faith in Zach Greene to keep him

The Mets won’t DFA Zach Greene because they can’t. The Rule 5 Draft pick taken from the New York Yankees will either be on the 26-man roster or get sent back to his former club.

Greene doesn’t have any MLB experience and is already 26. He did get to Triple-A last year and put together a nice season. The Mets, seeing him available, thought it was worth at least adding him to the organization.

What’s making it feel more like Greene won’t be here is how aggressive the Mets have been at adding other relievers around him. Injuries can change things. However, Greene is already behind several players on the bullpen depth chart. There are the veterans without major league options plus Drew Smith automatically making it to Opening Day.

We can picture the club having at least one reliever who can give them some length. This leaves Greene in a battle for one of the final two spots. The Mets could use another lefty reliever with MLB experience. If they land him, Greene gets into a fight for only a single roster spot.

Knowing they either have to keep him on the 26-man roster all year or return him to the Yankees isn’t enough of a deterrent. If he’s bad, they won’t mind doing so. If he’s good, he’ll deserve to stay anyway.

Will we even get to that point?