4 likely MLB trade candidates the Mets should target, 3 they should avoid

San Diego Padres v Chicago White Sox
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The offseason is right around the corner, and the New York Mets must be prepared to initiate a series of moves to remain more competitive in 2024 and beyond. In this sense, Bleacher Report carried out an article including each team's most likely trade chip this offseason, of which the Mets must be interested in several options.

The Mets have areas of need that they must address this offseason, where the free agent market may not allow them to be covered all. The Mets would be linked to some of these players this winter, but the team should avoid other well-known players.

Juan Soto could be available this winter, and the Mets should trade for him

The Mets have prioritized rebuilding their farm system to create more sustainability for the future. Despite this, when a generational player such as Juan Soto appears, sacrificing prospect talent is necessary even if this package would be significant.

Soto has been one of the most productive and consistent hitters since he arrived in the big leagues. Even for many, his level of production has dropped since his arrival to the San Diego Padres. In 2023, his line of .275/.401/.519/.930 with a wRC+ of 155 makes him one of the best outfielders in the league.

The Padres outfielder enters the last year of his contract at just 25 years of age, becoming a player with a productive future ahead of him. With a possible exit to free agency and the recently reported financial problems in the Padres organization, it is almost a certainty that the team will explore a trade for its superstar.

The Mets have the prospects and depth to be able to acquire Soto this winter and sign him for the rest of his career. Juan Soto would imply a radical change in the aspirations of the Mets as early as 24 and granting sustainability to the team into the future.