3 things we need to see from the Mets players before the season is over

New York Mets v Miami Marlins
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2) NY Mets fans want to see Mychal Givens, other relievers step up

Mychal Givens hasn’t been as absolutely brutal as he was at the start of his time with the Mets. He and several other relievers need to step up in order to give fans full faith in the team.

Bullpens are fickle and you’ll have a tough time finding any fanbase that has full trust in their relief corps. The Mets have the best closer in baseball this year and a very capable setup man named Adam Ottavino. Beyond those two, there are a bunch of guys who need to prove themselves.

Having even one more reliever pitching lights out could make a major difference for the team. It would be tough to go into the postseason with only a pair of pitchers they can turn to with any faith after the starter is removed. As much as the plan would be to have the starters go about seven innings, it’s not the most practical way to approach the entire postseason.

Someone will need to join Diaz and Ottavino as arms they can trust. Seth Lugo and Trevor May would be two candidates. A starter, like Tylor Megill, moving to the bullpen would also be welcomed.

Again, it doesn’t matter who it is. Although, if David Peterson could flip himself into a relief role and look unhittable, it might finally solve the question of who will get big lefty hitters out in the playoffs.