Mets bullpen depth chart includes 2 arms we trust, a few working their way back into the circle

New York Mets v Washington Nationals
New York Mets v Washington Nationals / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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New York Mets fans have a hard time trusting the bullpen. Even with a nice crew of relievers this season, enough games have been blown and recent history doesn’t help calm those nerves.

It’s a common worry for fans of most teams, most years. Relief pitchers just can’t be trusted most of the time. As exceptional as the 2022 Mets are, there are questions about their relievers.

In these final weeks and into the postseason, this is what the Mets bullpen depth chart looks like.

NY Mets relievers we can trust in big spots: Edwin Diaz, Adam Ottavino

The best way for the Mets to win games is for the starting pitcher to go seven innings and exit with the lead. We saw them do this to perfection when Jacob deGrom recently started against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Buck Showalter can call upon Adam Ottavino for the eighth then summon Edwin Diaz for the final three outs.

It might not always work this way. But, for sure, we know Diaz and Ottavino are two relievers we can count on for big outs in high-leverage situations.

To close out the Dodgers series, we even saw Showalter use them in reverse with Diaz asked to get the heart of the order out and Ottavino finishing it off.

Enough trust has been built up with Diaz and Ottavino this year to feel confident about them. A few hiccups before the postseason shouldn’t scare us off too badly. Both veterans who have excelled this season and under a lot of pressure, at least two frames are covered well right now.