For better or worse, these 3 Mets can help save Billy Eppler’s GM job

New York Mets Introduce Justin Verlander
New York Mets Introduce Justin Verlander / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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Firing Billy Eppler has been a talk amongst New York Mets fans for weeks now. The underachieving ball club is not only out of the playoff race but fighting to get back to just .500.

This season has all of the markings of a potential “blow it all up, start anew” with the club dealing away several of their impending free agents and making a front office splash by bringing in David Stearns in the offseason. Eppler’s job should be in jeopardy right now. Maybe one of these three Mets can help save it.

1) NY Mets manager Buck Showalter can help save Billy Eppler’s job this season

Nobody may be able to single-handedly do more to save Eppler’s job than the manager, Buck Showalter. He’s fighting for his own job although it’s probably far less likely the Mets fire him than Eppler. Unless Showalter and the Mets mutually agree to part ways or they finish with the worst record in the National League, Showalter staying for next season seems very likely. Baseball is, unfortunately, not as much a results-driven business as much as it is about the process.

How’s that working, Philadelphia 76ers?

It’s Showalter who will have to eat the Mets’ team record most. Even though he doesn’t grab a glove or bat or throw a ball in the game, he’s the one who gets a tally mark for every win and loss. A massive turnaround by the Mets is in the hands of the players most. However, if Showalter can somehow summon more life out of this crew, he may inadvertently help keep Eppler around a little longer while doing himself a lot of favors to stick around, too.

Many fans have already turned on Eppler completely and a strong finish won’t change their minds about his future. What if certain players step up and help pad Eppler’s resume?