How 3 Mets free agent DH targets are performing in 2023

Los Angeles Dodgers v Philadelphia Phillies
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The New York Mets had what appeared to be an excellent offseason. Appearances can be deceiving. It’s now June and the team is in meltdown mode with the current Houston Astros series as a test of whether or not it’s a lost season.

Players and coaches have taken turns getting a verbal and digital lashing from the fans. Only Billy Eppler has continually been the victim of second-guessing and jabs from the loyal Mets fans who expected a lot more from this ball club.

With help from an endless supply of Steve Cohen wealth, the Mets were able to outspend everyone else. Unfortunately, the decision to keep Daniel Vogelbach hurt the team’s pursuit of DH upgrades. He has played well since returning from his mental break, but we shouldn’t get too secure with him on the roster. After all, the team is only 2-2 and is fresh off a series loss to the St. Louis Cardinals at home. 

For each of these three DH targets, it was an easy “pass” because playing time would have been limited in Queens. Worst of all, each is having a pretty awesome season.

1) NY Mets rumors we wish came true: Signing J.D. Martinez

The Mets were fully loaded to pursue J.D. Martinez at last year’s trade deadline. Too high of an asking price plus some concerns about his back led them to look elsewhere. We know the end result of what happened there.

Mets rumors linking them to Martinez in the offseason returned as they surely realized the offense wasn’t good enough. The team eventually settled on an Opening Day roster with the addition of Tommy Pham and Tim Locastro as they waited a few more weeks before calling up the kids.

Martinez is the kind of player who, when he appears in Mets rumors, can divide fans. A pure DH at this point of his career, his lack of fielding wouldn’t have ever made much sense for the Mets after picking up the option on Vogelbach. Having one part-time DH is rough enough on a roster. Two is shooting yourself in the foot.

Nonetheless, swapping Vogelbach for Martinez would’ve been a major upgrade. Martinez settled on signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers for a one-year deal worth $10 million. Through 239 plate appearances, Martinez is a .257/.301/.578 hitter. Where he has earned his money is with the power. He has 18 doubles, 16 home runs, and 48 RBI. He is striking out at a career-high of 29.7% but who cares when a guy is providing the lineup with as much power as Martinez has?