3 Mets prospects not named Francisco Alvarez who are untouchable in trades this year

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NY Mets prospect Alex Ramirez is untouchable

Expectations for Alex Ramirez are rising this year. A little more distant from making his Mets debut, this teenage outfielder is the man many hope will become their international superstar similar to Juan Soto or Ronald Acuna Jr.

Much of what Ramirez can or cannot do as a professional ballplayer will reveal itself in 2022. His debut in 2021 was nothing all that special. He batted .258/.326/.384 in his 334 trips to the plate. This year, in about half as many chances, he is well on his way to beating many of the totals from 2021.

Ramirez could just as easily fizzle out when he plays beyond Single-A. At only 19, he has a lot more to prove before anyone anoints him a major league superstar.

As far as placing the untouchable label on prospects goes, he deserves it. The Mets don’t have any other outfielders in their farm system quite like him although free agent signing Simon Juan could eventually get there. Many of their best outfield prospects are converted infielders or guys that are a little bit older. Ramirez stands out. Trading him would be foolish because he’s the exact kind of player the franchise could find themselves building around. The first step is to keep him around.