3 Mets prospects not named Francisco Alvarez who are untouchable in trades this year

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NY Mets prospect Mark Vientos is untouchable

There might be a few deals the Mets could make where it makes sense to deal Mark Vientos. However, his current presence on the 40-man roster and in Triple-A makes him a guy they could just as easily promote at some point in 2022 to help heat up the lineup.

Vientos is also a third base prospect which puts the Mets in a situation where they would eventually have to decide on him or Baty for the starting job. The pair could fight it out eventually. One may move to left field or a DH role. Vientos looks far more likely to concede in any third base war given the defensive showing from both.

Drafted in the second round back in 2017, the Mets have patiently been developing Vientos into a pretty good power hitter. He exploded in 2021 with 25 dingers in 349 plate appearances. This season hasn’t been quite as dominant but it is early and he hasn’t been atrocious one level below the major leagues.

Vientos could eventually have the untouchable label removed from him. However, the Mets have other prospects they should trade in 2022 in order to add pitching. When it comes to adding a bat, it might actually make more sense for them to promote Vientos and see what he can do.

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