3 Mets prospects not named Francisco Alvarez who are untouchable in trades this year

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The New York Mets are not going to trade Francisco Alvarez now, in the near future, or at any point until they have an idea of what he looks like in a big league uniform. The undisputed number one prospect in the team’s farm system right now, you can take your trade proposals for him behind the shed. It’s not going to happen.

Players like Alvarez are unique and the Mets are invested in seeing what he can grow into. He’s not alone either. The Mets happen to have three other prospects who, at the moment, are untouchable in trades.

NY Mets prospect Brett Baty is untouchable

Brett Baty is another one of those Mets prospects fans and the franchise are committed to see develop further. The first-round draft pick from 2019 is the heir to third base and probably on his way to the big leagues for significant action by sometime next year if not in 2022.

There are a couple of reasons that make Baty so untouchable. Ranked second behind Alvarez according to MLB.com, the primary position he plays already has some fans convinced he could be the next David Wright. Although an entirely different player, fans became accustomed to seeing such a prolific offensive player at the hot corner for so many years.

Even if Baty doesn’t end up as the starting third baseman, there are reasons to hold onto him. As a left-handed hitter with pop, he’s a guy we could see provide future Mets teams with something they don’t have a whole lot of in the pipeline: power.

Baty’s full power potential has yet to surface with only 12 home runs last season in 385 plate appearances. Even if he never does become a 30+ home run type of guy, what the Mets are looking for most is run-production. He can do this with singles and doubles.

Since debuting in 2019, Baty hasn’t fully taken off or crashed. After managing to slash .292/.382/.473 last season, fans are eager to see if he can bring numbers like that to the big leagues. Fortunately, the front office seems to be willing to keep him around to see it, too. Third base is wide open for him to grab by the 2024 season.