3 Mets who’ve struggled to start the season and won’t recover

Among all of the struggling Mets, these three have shown no signs of coming out of their slumps.
New York Mets v Miami Marlins
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There isn’t a shortage of New York Mets players struggling this year. If the All-Star Game was today, Reed Garrett would be the one representing them.

The offense has been putrid while the pitching has been able to keep them more afloat. Fans remain hopeful for a turnaround from several of the core members. Unfortunately, these three struggling Mets players aren’t going to recover from their slow beginnings.

1) Jeff McNeil

Jeff McNeil is having one of his lousier seasons. A much more unpredictable player than he had been in the past, the 2022 NL batting champion looks uncompetitive in all aspects. His offensive production is down. His defense hasn’t been anything special either. In fact, he rates below average at second base and in the outfield. Lifetime, McNeil has been a well above average left fielder so this is a completely unexpected negative turn.

If we found out McNeil was playing hurt, it wouldn’t be a surprise. He barely played in spring training due to an injury. Through the first month and a half and more, he has remained in the mode of a player trying to figure things out.

We’ve seen McNeil play much better in the past. Why isn’t he going to recover this time?

May has been McNeil’s weakest month in terms of OPS at .702 for his career. However, it’s July where his .268 batting average is at a low. A guy who has hit his best in the first month and last two, there is room for McNeil to boost his numbers before season’s end. Unfortunately, the Romans aren’t about to come back and remove June or July from the calendar. He struggled during those same months last year and he hasn’t shown signs of breaking against tradition this year.

McNeil’s entire game has been a bit rougher with very little power and shaky defense. We’ll consider ourselves fortunate if the end-of-season numbers are anything close to last year—arguably the second worst of his career.