6 Mets players who could be off the roster by June 1

The constantly changing Mets roster will have more players gone by June 1.
Apr 26, 2024; New York City, New York, USA; New York Mets relief pitcher Josh Walker (91) delivers a
Apr 26, 2024; New York City, New York, USA; New York Mets relief pitcher Josh Walker (91) delivers a / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports
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It’ll be June 1 before we know it. A date best remembered for Johan Santana throwing the first no-hitter in New York Mets history, it has also become the traditional start of a decline for the ball club. The Mets seem to have gotten their “swoon” out of the way early. This June, if they’re not competing, it’s less of a streak of losses and more of a reality of who they are.

They’ve been bold with roster changes throughout the season and we should expect more. By the time we get to June 1, expect any of these players to be off the team.

1) Josh Walker

Let’s begin with one of two obvious guys: Josh Walker. Only recalled to the majors for this weekend series, he fills one of two available bullpen roles at the moment. The current status of the Mets pitching staff has players floating between the majors and minors. With one guy in particular (more on him later), the team seems to want another look at him as a starter.

Walker has been much better this year, posting a 3.60 ERA in 5 innings of work. As a second left-handed option for the Mets at the moment, his roster spot still isn’t all that safe. It’ll be dependent on the team they’re facing and how fresh of an arm he has. His removal from the MLB roster by June 1 will have more to do with following the course of promoting and demoting relievers with options.

2) Grant Hartwig

Then there’s Grant Hartwig whose status with the Mets is exactly the same as Walker except he throws right-handed. His season hasn’t gone nearly as well in the majors. The 6.75 ERA in 6.2 innings isn’t the sophomore follow-up he had hoped for from a much better albeit below-average 4.84 ERA performance in 2023.

The ability to go multiple innings is where Hartwig holds most of his value. Unfortunately, the Mets have needed relievers to eat a few extra. Once they use Hartwig’s stamina all up is when a trip back to Syracuse is going to happen.

Those are the two obvious players who’ll be gone by June 1. What about some of the trickier decisions?

Prediction: Bet the family farm both of these relievers are sent down once before June 1.