3 Mets players most likely to be gone from the roster by May 1

These three Mets players shouldn't get too cozy.
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2) Zack Short

Zack Short was a nice story coming out of camp. He made the roster as a surprise and only a few hours after his grandmother passed away. The Mets haven’t used him a whole lot at all. He has come in as a pinch runner and for defense late. Otherwise, Short is quickly becoming the forgotten guy off the bench.

You can’t read too many articles on Rising Apple without being barraged with my personal takes about the redundant nature of having him and Joey Wendle on the same team. Much like Stewart who provides the team with a limited set of skills, Short can do the same but just not as exciting of a fashion.

There aren’t too many situations where Short would ever pinch hit for this ball club. The defensive growth of Brett Baty at third base even eliminates him from much consideration there. This leaves him without much of a purpose other than to give someone a day off. Even then, the far more proven Wendle would probably get the nod instead.

Short doesn’t have options so he’d have to pass through waivers in order to have a chance to stay with the Mets. If Martinez is ready before May 1, the decision looks like it will come down to one or the other. Do the Mets want the speed and defense of Short or the occasional big swing from Stewart?

Short has only 6 plate appearances in 7 games played. With Stewart suddenly hitting, the ball club could have a reason to go with the bat instead of the glove.