1 Mets roster flaw the team has improved, 2 continuing to linger in redundancy

The Mets have improved one weakness yet two others continue to stick out.
Detroit Tigers v New York Mets - Game Two
Detroit Tigers v New York Mets - Game Two / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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2) Zack Short and Joey Wendle are redundant for a team that isn't hitting

Zack Short was an Opening Day roster surprise for the Mets. The defensively gifted utility man won a job in part because of big spring training numbers but also in part because there really wasn’t much of a need to carry DJ Stewart and Mark Vientos. With the latter getting sent down, the Mets decided to see what Short could offer them.

As it turns out, the Mets don’t really have much of a purpose for Short other than making him a defensive replacement. No surprise here. It’s the exact same role as Joey Wendle with the only difference being how much experience the two have and the side of the plate they swing from.

The redundancy doesn’t look like it’ll end even with the arrival of J.D. Martinez. When he’s here, Stewart looks like he’ll be the one disposed of unless something changes drastically first.

At the very least, Short and Wendle should be able to provide the Mets with some decent speed. But so can Tyrone Taylor. More on him shortly.

The end of pitchers hitting changed the way a team shapes their bench. You don’t necessarily need a righty and a lefty on it capable of hitting decently in the right situation. A Matt Franco type who’ll pinch hit regularly isn’t as necessary unless you do something like platoon him in the DH role.

The Mets have an okay bench but with a pair of infielders who hit around .200 last year on it with some similar upsides, it feels like the club is missing one of those everyday capable guys who starts 120 games a year.