3 Mets players most likely to be gone from the roster by May 1

These three Mets players shouldn't get too cozy.
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MLB rosters are like pens at the DMV. A lot of them don’t work out well and you’re constantly needing to change through them. The New York Mets haven’t been shy about making roster changes early on in 2024. By the time we get to May 1, we should see even more turnover.

Who will it be? These three are the most likely to become casualties in one way or another before we flip the calendar.

1) DJ Stewart

A roster placeholder to some and a transitional champ to WWE fans, DJ Stewart always seemed like a temporary option for the Mets roster once J.D. Martinez was signed. The greater benefit of having Stewart on the roster over someone like Mark Vientos was the defensive positions he could play. Vientos, as a corner infielder who doesn’t offer quite enough at third base, seemed a little too locked into the DH role than Stewart who can at least play both corner outfield positions.

Stewart was the final choice for the Opening Day roster. Will he be the first to get sent down when Martinez is back?

Stewart’s bat has only recently livened up. A regular in the starting lineup often when the Mets play a right-handed starter and a bat Carlos Mendoza can use off the bench late as a position hitter for someone like Harrison Bader, there are ways to justify keeping Stewart around.

Considering how much the Mets value defense, we can find as many if not more justifications to send him down to the minors. His remaining option could get put to good use by doing so. Fewer hearts are broken in the process, too. Moving on from this other position player would require the Mets to possibly send him away for good.