3 best Mets lineup changes Carlos Mendoza is proactively making

Credit for the Mets skipper and anyone else who had a hand in these decisions.
Detroit Tigers v New York Mets - Game Two
Detroit Tigers v New York Mets - Game Two / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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Carlos Mendoza took a lot of early heat during the first homestand of the New York Mets season. Several decisions were easy to question in the moment and again after the fact when they didn’t work out so well. Fortunately, the team is winning. Winning cures all.

One reason for the team’s success could be some changes in the lineup. As quick as David Stearns has been to execute a player from the 26-man roster, Mendoza has been just as proactive in putting together the best lineup possible. He has shown a willingness to try something new. The benefits are right there in the win column.

1) The Mets wasted no time moving Brett Baty and Francisco Alvarez into the middle of the order

Mendoza hasn’t done anything so drastic as to drop Francisco Lindor in the lineup during his slump, but we have already seen him reward hot-hitting youngsters Brett Baty and Francisco Alvarez. The pair are regularly batting right in the thick of the lineup.

Due to the hesitance of past managers and front office personnel, you weren’t right to believe the Mets might hold the kids back a little too long. It took only until the fifth game of the season for the Mets to move Baty up to the five spot. He is now regularly bouncing between there and the cleanup role.

Alvarez’s rise was a little more expected after coming off of such a powerful season. Already showing his own signs of growth offensively as more than a home run hitter, he is becoming a more complete hitter.

Flipping and flopping these two rising stars in the order isn’t unexpected. Having them entrenched in the four through six spots now on a daily basis is a pleasant turn. Wouldn’t you know, it’s working, too.

Rewarding productive players with a better spot in the lineup is something some managers may hesitate to do. Not this year’s Mets. The humbling sweep to open the year might’ve been just what they needed. 

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