3 bad Mets contracts the team should eat to get a better return in a trade

These three players could bring back better prospects in a trade if the Mets cover the rest of their contracts.
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Trade season is upon us, and the New York Mets have moves to make. After a disappointing performance in the first half, they are in a position to sell and retool for 2024 and beyond.

Some pieces should be relatively easy to sell. David Robertson, Mark Canha, and Tommy Pham are all rentals, although Canha has a team option that will likely be declined. Adam Ottavino is under control for next year as well, so he could bring back a little more in return.

The Mets will have to get creative to move some other guys. Here are three contracts the Mets should eat to get a better return in a trade:

Contract the Mets should eat #1: Carlos Carrasco

If the Mets can find someone who is interested in Carlos Carrasco, they should absolutely move him. Cookie is 36, and struggling. In 61 innings, he’s allowed 60 hits, 35 earned runs, 27 walks, and struck out just 43 batters. He’s posted a 5.16 ERA, 5.95 FIP, 1.43 WHIP, and an ERA+ of 80 (20% below average). His hits and walks per nine are up, and his strikeouts are down.

He has two types of value to another team. The first is his ability to eat innings. He averages just over five innings per start, so if a team has a guy on the injured list and they need a replacement who won’t kill their bullpen, Cookie is a good candidate for that.

The other type of value he has is his leadership. If you put a veteran guy like Carrasco on a team with a lot of young guys, they will gravitate towards him and learn a lot from him.

Carrasco is making $14 million this year. Since there’s only about a third of the season left, that’s only around $5 million the Mets would have to eat. The return for Cookie wouldn’t be massive anyway, but paying the rest of his contract could make the return a little more enticing.