2 reasons the Mets will sign Juan Soto next winter, 2 reasons they won't

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Juan Soto arrived in New York City but not with the team that New York Mets fans expected. Soto was traded from the San Diego Padres to the New York Yankees for a package that included pitcher Michael King and prospect Drew Thorpe, among others.

Regardless of the transfer, Juan Soto is expected to play this final season of his contract and test free agency, something his agent, Scott Boras, usually does with his clients. Even Soto described his excitement at being with the Yankees saying he will "try to enjoy the moment while I'm there," which opens the door even further for Soto to hit free agency, where the Mets will be interested.

The Mets' advantage is Steve Cohen, obviously

Although Steve Cohen has been quieter and more patient this offseason, possibly indicating his new management style and determination to believe in David Stearns' process, his aggressive personality toward achieving his goals continues. We saw how his interest led him to take a plane with Stearns to Japan to meet with Yoshinobu Yamamoto, which shows what he is willing to do when he wants something.

The team's plan to remain competitive in 2024 to continue planning for the future may be indicative of preparing for the 2025 FA, which shows more relevant chips than this offseason. Soto will receive the most attention in the 2025 market.

Soto is a perfect fit for practically all teams, but especially for the Mets. The fact that he is a left-handed hitter who plays left field makes him a piece of interest because the team does not have a player in MLB or on its farm system capable of playing the position consistently.

It is a fact that Steve Cohen will want to obtain the services of a top hitter in the league like Soto. For her, Cohen will use his influence and financial resources to attract Scott Boras and Soto to Queens for the rest of his career.