Mets barely showing up in the latest All-Star ballot results

St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets
St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

The New York Mets will send someone to the All-Star Game. So will the Oakland Athletics and the Kansas City Royals. Everyone does. However, it doesn’t look like any Mets will start in the game.

The latest updated voting results have Pete Alonso in third for first basemen, Francisco Lindor in a distant second for shortstops, and Francisco Alvarez in fourth for catchers.

A notable missing Mets player from the top-tier at his position is Brandon Nimmo. Ranked sixteenth among outfielders between Kyle Schwarber and Brandon Marsh of the Philadelphia Phillies, Nimmo is the player on the Mets roster getting the most disrespect in the popularity contest called All-Star voting.

NY Mets outfielder Brandon Nimmo should probably have more votes than he has

Because every team has a representative, there is a chance Nimmo is chosen for the Mets. It will be tough as it always is for outfielders. Because Nimmo doesn’t have much power, some of his numbers don’t pop out as much as others.

Nimmo’s absence has far more to do with the size of fanbases. The Atlanta Braves have a player either first or second at every position other than DH where Travis d’Arnaud currently sits in third-place. While several of those players have definitely earned their spot, we know it has far more to do with the market a team represents. The Braves cover practically the entire Southeastern United States, not just Georgia.

Over in the American League, we see the same thing happening with the Braves occurring with the Toronto Blue Jays. Canada’s lone baseball team is representing an entire nation. They have a player in the top four at every position except for outfield where they do have players ranked fifth, sixth, and ninth.

Nimmo hasn’t done quite enough to snatch any of those extra votes from non-Mets fans. It’s a popularity contest but there are enough fans out there who vote for the best and most deserving. It’s why Luis Arraez is leading at second base in his quest to hit .400.

The Mets don’t have too many obvious All-Star candidates with the likeliest being Alonso or Lindor. Lindor benefits from a weak season from many National League shortstops. Wouldn’t that be something; after all of the roasting he has had this season for this to be the first where he represents the Amazins in the All-Star Game?