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Miami Marlins v New York Mets - Game Two
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Luis Severino will win the Comeback Player of the Year

Luis Severino is one of the most intriguing signings this offseason by the Mets. The former New York Yankees starter is coming off a disastrous season with the Bronx team, where he posted an ERA of 6.65 in 8 outings with a worrying WHIP of 1.65.

Throughout the season, Severino had problems locating his pitches more efficiently than he had achieved in previous seasons. This location problem caused his opponents to take advantage of hitting his fastball, change-up, and slider with greater exit velocity and launch angle, which resulted in a career-high in home runs allowed of a total of 23.

As we have highlighted in other articles, Severino's problem seems more like a mechanical issue than something about his stuff. Indeed, his fastball continues to demonstrate an elite level of velocity with an average of 96.5 mph, at which, before the 2023 season, opponents were hitting for an average below .200.

Severino's pitches do not seem to be breaking in the same way as in previous seasons, leaving the pitches in zones that the hitters knew how to take advantage of. The 2023 season seems more like an outlier in Severino's career, so with adjustments by Jeremy Hefner and the Mets' new pitching lab, we will be able to see a better level from this pitcher.

Severino may end up being one of the best signings this winter with the potential to take home the Comeback Player of the Year award in the National League this 2024. The Mets may have a near-ace potential for the cost of a mid-rotation starter.