Mets News: Three reasons why Alex Rodriguez may want to buy the Amazins

MIAMI, FL - JANUARY 29: Alex Rodriguez at the Fox Sports $200,0000 donation for the Boys and Girls Club of Miami on January 29th, 2020 in Miami, FL (Manny Hernandez/Getty Images)
MIAMI, FL - JANUARY 29: Alex Rodriguez at the Fox Sports $200,0000 donation for the Boys and Girls Club of Miami on January 29th, 2020 in Miami, FL (Manny Hernandez/Getty Images) /

Alex Rodriguez is reportedly raising money to buy the New York Mets. What could his reasons be and what could it mean for the Mets in the future?

Through the chaos that has been 2020, which includes the hiring and firing of Carlos Beltran, the possibility of the team being sold to Steve Cohen being crushed, and the MLB season being delayed, New York Mets fans are looking for a light at the end of the tunnel especially with no known start of the season.

While still a long way from happening, a new suitor to buy the team has emerged: A-Rod.

Why, though, is Alex Rodriguez interested in buying the team in the first place?  Is the former New York Yankee what we need to bring up our spirits? Let’s take a look into a few reasons that he and his wife Jennifer Lopez could be interested in our beloved Mets.

1) A-Rod’s strong New York roots

Despite living in Florida for most of his life, A-Rod was born in Washington Heights, New York. He has expressed on several different occasions how big of a Mets fan he is especially idolizing the 1986 World Series-winning team.

After coming back to New York to play twelve seasons with the Yankees he has great ties in the New York community. With his wife Jennifer Lopez also being Bronx born and raised, they could both want to come back with a new venture as Rodiguez has a history of being involved in several businesses and do more with their very impressive joint net worth.

2) Need for a bigger role in Major League Baseball 

After retiring in 2016, Rodriguez went on to have several media rolls in baseball including his current position at ESPN. While he did have a lasting presence on the Yankees, his farewell was not as much of the warmhearted goodbye he probably wanted.

Many criticized his use of PEDs staining his very impressive career. Despite being a household name especially now in his media roles, Rodriguez might want to leave his impact on the major league community in a greater way.

3) Rivalry with Derek Jeter

While the rivalry between A-Rod and Jeter has been going on before A-Rod was even on the Yankees, it’s pretty safe to say Jeter came out on top especially considering his almost unanimous vote into the Baseball Hall of Fame just this year. There is a solid chance A-Rod is looking to use ownership of a rival team to reignite a two-decade-long feud with his former friend.

Even with some reports of their relationship being stronger in the past few years, it does not seem that they won’t be close any time soon.

What this all means for the Mets

In reality, do I think this would be a deal that is going to go through? No, not at all.

Do I think Rodriguez would be a better majority owner than the Wilpon’s? Probably.

I think that since A-Rod would have a personal risk of his pride at stake as well, he would have a lot more motivation to make the Mets a winning team compared to the Wilpons.

I also think that Rodriguez having a very respectable career so far in sports media helps his case as well. He knows the game in almost every aspect of the sport and I feel that he has the potential to offer a lot as the owner of the Mets even if it is an unlikely event.

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