Mets: Trade packages teams would need to offer for Noah Syndergaard

Whether one likes it or not, the New York Mets are entertaining the idea of trading starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard.

The idea of a trade involving Noah Syndergaard is something worth discussing. The New York Mets would undoubtedly receive a nice haul in return for one of the game’s brightest young starters.

Among the rumored suitors for Syndergaard are the Chicago Cubs, Houston Astros, Milwaukee Brewers, and San Diego Padres. We shouldn’t count out other teams either as Syndergaard would fit on just about any squad.

A significant return is necessary and the Mets will strongly consider such a move if the offers are up to par. Let’s take a look at what some of those wishing to land Syndergaard could potentially offer the Mets in a trade.

Chicago Cubs

The trade here would likely require a major league player in return, as the Cubs do not have much left to offer in terms of prospects.

A logical option would be dealing Kris Bryant, which rumors suggest may be likely. As tempting of a trade this may be, it still seems very unlikely to actually occur, at least at this present stage.

A more feasible trade could be centered around Javier Baez and a prospect such as Miguel Amaya, who is a catcher. The best option here would be a Bryant for Thor swap, but otherwise, there is not a perfect match.

Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers have plenty of depth in terms of position players and are a much better fit for the Mets. A trade that would make a lot of sense would be Corbin Burnes, Domingo Santana, and Keston Hiura.

It would provide the Mets with an outfielder that has athleticism and power, a very good prospect shortstop that could feature this season and a pitcher with massive upside who can help out in the bullpen as well.

If the Orange and Blue wished, they can also focus a trade around Orlando Arcia, however, this would cancel out the tremendous impact Rosario may potentially have.

Houston Astros

The Astros are another logical destination for Syndergaard as Dallas Keuchel will be departing this offseason. The Astros may indeed be the best fit, as they have a collection of major league position players as well as prospects.

They possess two of the league’s top prospects in Forrest Whitley and Kyle Tucker. The trade would probably have to be one of these two and a player on the major league roster.

Of course, there is also the possibility of trading for someone such as Carlos Correa or George Springer, to offset with the loss of Syndergaard. This will not be a simple trade to complete because the offer simply must hurt the team, in order for the Mets to accept.

The Mets are not selling Syndergaard, the teams are attempting to convince the Mets to give him up. They must do so by offering mass quantities in return. His potential will cause to have such a lofty price tag and someone like Correa might be able to convince the Mets. A few prospects might not.

San Diego Padres

Here lies a very good chance for the Amazins to trade their fireballer, as the Padres have a dearth of young talent. One of Francisco Mejia and Fernando Tatis Jr. must be included in this trade.

The other part could possibly be someone such as Manuel Margot, who can play center field for the Mets and provide some athleticism. A bullpen pitcher, such as Kirby Yates or Craig Stammen, should also be put into the trade as well.

Therefore the Mets can cover the need of overall athleticism, a possible catcher in Mejia or middle infielder in Tatis Jr. and a bullpen help. This might be the ideal trade, but there is one more option that may be more intriguing.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers have a few fairly interesting trading options such as Cody Bellinger or Corey Seager. A trade can also be built around Walker Buehler, who is also a rising star.

The upside to a potential deal built around another ace is the money saved, by dealing Syndergaard, can be used on an impactful position player.

However, if Corey Seager were indeed on the table for Syndergaard, the Mets must pursue this because he has an infinite amount of talent and potential. His balance and presence in a lineup would be a great shakeup to the Mets current dynamic.

While these deals are very speculative, there is a chance that they are being discussed because the Mets cannot just accept prospects for Syndergaard.

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Even though a trade is very unlikely, the idea must be pursued by the Mets for due diligence, if nothing else.