New York Mets give us three big reasons to be thankful on Thanksgiving

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Despite a disappointing 2018 season, the New York Mets still give us a few reasons to feel thankful.

On Thanksgiving, it is common for people to sit around the table and state what exactly they are most thankful for in their lives. As New York Mets fans, it can be quite difficult to find that one reason to keep on cheering when everything seems to be falling apart. 2018 was no different, but there are some reasons to keep on believing.

Fans often joke that it’s tough being a Mets fan, they are not kidding. From epic division collapses to falling short in the 2015 World Series it has been a tough couple of years.

But it is always good to look towards the future in tough times. Whether it’s one particular player that can brighten up a season or players yet to make their way to the big leagues, there are reasons to be thankful.

Reason 1: Jacob deGrom

Let’s just get the obvious reason out of the way on why we should be thankful, Jacob deGrom. deGrom had a phenomenal 2018 season that ended with him winning the 2018 National League Cy Young award. It’s been a tough season to watch with lots of players getting injured and underperforming, but deGrom was that one constant.

Every fifth day we knew we were in for a treat as deGrom pulled off some historic feats in 2018. deGrom made us forget about losing every fifth day as he gave his best effort and gave a chance for the Mets to win every time. deGrom became arguably one of the best pitchers in baseball and maybe one of the greatest Mets pitchers as well.

The Mets have had a lot of talented arms in their history. But deGrom is one of the best in recent memory. When everyone was talking about the futures of Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler years ago no one knew what we were getting out of deGrom. Who would have thought he was the best out of all the arms that were being talked about. Even dating years earlier it’s easy to see that deGrom was better than the likes of Jon Niese and Dillon Gee.

R.A. Dickey gave the Mets some great seasons and so did Johan Santana, but deGrom has been a consistent force the Mets have been lacking for several years. Even though 2018 was his superstar year, we expected this out of deGrom ever since his electrifying debut against the Yankees.

As mentioned before deGrom gave us a historic season to watch in 2018 which who knows if we’ll ever see anything like that ever again. As we grow older we can tell future generations about the crazy 2018 season deGrom had and cherish the rare onfield bright spot for the Mets in 2018.

Now if the Mets and deGrom could also work out an extension I’m sure that would make us all extremely grateful.

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