Mets: Money matters too much in the return of David Wright

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 03: David Wright
NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 03: David Wright /

David Wright sounds ready to return to the New York Mets, but ownership’s unwillingness to pay his contract continues to hold him off the field.

The last game David Wright played for the New York Mets took place on May 27th, 2016. Several Injuries have held the seven-time All-Star back from being apart of the main roster including issues with his neck, back, and shoulders.

He began his rehab assignment after getting shut down for another two months and finally began his road back to Flushing on August 12th with the Port St Lucie Mets.

In 12 games with the Port St Lucie Mets, Wright has batted .171 with seven hits and two RBI’s. After a very slow start, Wright picked up the pace and shook the rust off to end on a high note.

He appears to be healthy, as he has been fielding ground balls for the team and hit a home run off Tim Peterson in a simulated game. Callaway agreed, he was very impressed by Wright’s agility and footwork in the field. So the question remains, why hasn’t he been called up?

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A safe argument would be that the Mets want to be very cautious about their captain’s health. He has gone through a lot of injuries and maybe rushing him back would be a bad way to handle his situation with the worst case scenario being he re-injures himself.

Wright has expressed many times he is healthy and ready to return to the team, and his comeback attempt has shown it as well. He has had no issues with any reoccurring injury and seems to be healthy enough to come back.  

After looking at the situation outfielder Yoenis Cespedes was put in, when he came back from the disabled list, only to express his injury in both his heels that would require ten months of rehab and having manager Mickey Callaway be clueless through the whole ordeal. This situation may have the Mets examining the Wright situation a whole lot closer.

However, that’s what the Mets may want you to hear. The real reason why the Mets have not brought him up is most likely money.

If the Mets were to bring up Wright from the minors, it would cost them insurance money. 2.6 million dollars of insurance money is at stake for this year and another 3.7 million dollars next year if he is activated.

If this whole scenario is about money, which is most likely is, this is highly unacceptable. I believe the wisest move Wright can do in this situation is file grievance against the team because it is unfair to not bring up your franchise player who has been through injury after injury and get over the hump to finally play baseball again.

There is no reason why Wright should not be up playing professional level games this late in the year, with nothing to lose. The man has done nothing but works hard to get back where he was just to play the sport he loves more than anything.

The Mets owe him at least a chance to play in the September games and not worry about expenses and losing money because he is more than just another player. He is the captain who has fought so many battles and has come up from the lowest point in his career.

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When it comes to David Wright, money should never be the issue.