Mets Rumors: Little talk of where Jeurys Familia ends up in 2018


Few of the New York Mets rumors have included the name Jeurys Familia. When will the market pick up for him?

If you look at Jeurys Familia‘s numbers from the first half, I would say he’s a desirable piece any team in need of a closer should consider. In their own division, the New York Mets have the Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies with a needy bullpen. However, if you’ve read through all of your Mets rumors, you may not find his name mentioned very often.

Whether by injury or poor performance, both National League East rivals could upgrade the bullpen. Perhaps it’s because they see him as often as they do, the Braves and Phillies know better than to trade for Familia.

Familia’s numbers this year are deceptive. They’ve always been this way. He’s the kind of closer that won’t give you a one-two-three inning. In an average outing from Familia, you’ll see at least a walk or a hit and often two.

The fact that Familia has a 2.88 ERA this season bodes well for the Mets in shopping their closer. What hurts them is the 1.23 WHIP, 8 hits per nine, and a few other less impressive numbers.

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On the plus side, Familia is allowing fewer walks than he did in 2016 and striking out almost as many batters per nine. There’s no significant change in his numbers other than already factoring into a career-high eight decisions. For the most part, he’s pitching just as well as ever.

Given this, why aren’t we hearing about Familia in any of these Mets rumors?

One recent whisper among the Mets rumors has linked Familia to the Boston Red Sox. Another says the Phillies and San Francisco Giants are in the mix.

The Houston Astros might need a closer, but I have confidence they will find a better candidate elsewhere or use someone internally.

When the Mets do trade Familia, I don’t expect him to join a team as their closer. He has a track-record of pitching multiple innings. Any team that lands him will probably use him as a setup man with four-out-per-appearance capabilities. Familia is the kind of guy who may enter the seventh inning to get the last out and then return to the eighth for the next three.

There’s little risk in taking Familia. I don’t think anyone expects him to cost all that much. As a guy below 30 on an expiring contract, even the injury risks are slim.

As we near the trade deadline at the end of July, I expect to see Familia’s name a little more often. Zack Wheeler has headlined most of the whispers with the occasional appearance by Asdrubal Cabrera.

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This trio has produced regularly for the Mets in 2018. When the year ends, I have a hunch they’ll do the same in another team’s uniform.