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Mets Trade Deadline: Predicting where the top three trade candidates land

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Where will the New York Mets trade their top three deadline deal candidates this July?

The 2018 MLB trade deadline is quickly approaching and the for the second straight season, the New York Mets are selling.

Much like last year, the Mets are mostly dealing guys who won’t return a truckload of prospects. Still, the three most talked about trade candidates are worth watching. Each is having a productive year and could make an appearance somewhere in October.

Excluding Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard, I’ve concluded with my scientific research that there are three guys most mentioned in trade rumors. Who are they and where will they finish 2018?

Asdrubal Cabrera – Arizona Diamondbacks

Second baseman Asdrubal Cabrera is in his walk-year and hitting well for the Mets. This won’t help much in terms of what they could get back for him. It only ensures they can send him somewhere.

In Cabrera’s case, one big domino needs to fall before he’s traded. Until the Baltimore Orioles know where they’re sending Manny Machado, I suspect Cabrera remains in New York.

Once Machado is dealt, I see him joining the Arizona Diamondbacks. They are weak up the middle and would greatly benefit from upgrading with either a second baseman or shortstop. I have faith they will.

The Diamondbacks are reportedly in the Machado sweepstakes, but I think he ends up somewhere else. This means targeting a guy like Cabrera instead. The benefit here is that they don’t have to unload as many prospects and can make multiple moves instead of one big one.

Considering A.J. Pollock and Patrick Corbin are both free agents after this season, it would make sense for the Diamondbacks to go all-in to win. The National League is wide open. Landing a veteran bat that can hit well in a pitcher’s park like Citi Field would greatly benefit them. I could see Cabrera easily reaching the 30 home run mark as long as he stays healthy.

Honorable Mention: Los Angeles Dodgers

I’ll give my honorable mention to the Los Angeles Dodgers. They’ve been rumored to have interest in Cabrera. However, I see them going bigger either with Machado or another bat.