Mets should trade Seth Lugo to the Seattle Mariners

PHILADELPHIA, PA - SEPTEMBER 30: Pitcher Seth Lugo /

The Mets have yet to make a move, but one possible deal could send Seth Lugo to the west coast where he’ll find a new home with the Mariners.

It’s possible that Seth Lugo‘s time with the New York Mets is coming to a close. He’s good and has many years left, but if the right deal comes around, the Mets can get a nice haul for him.

The Mariners would make a good new home for Lugo, for multiple reasons. He would be great as a starter. The Mariners have five pitchers to start at least 13 games. Two of them, including Felix Hernandez, have an ERA above 4.

Lugo’s ERA this season stands at 2.70. He’s started five games, but also played more than 20 out of the bullpen.

That’s how he would be even more valuable to the Mariners because he could be used wherever and could make their pitching staff even better, especially over someone like Juan Nicasio, who has an ERA over 6.

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Lugo wouldn’t just be helping them out this season. Once this season comes to a close, he’s going to have four more years before he’s a free agent.

Even though he’s already nearly 29-years-old, his level of talent and number of years left can really help them out and bring the Mets a nice haul back.

What would be an ideal package for lugo? Ideally since he works so great as both a starter and reliever, the Mets would want to get both back, or perhaps a few relievers

The Mets would probably want to start with someone like Art Warren. He has started games in the past but has had great success in 2017 and 2018 as a reliever. He’s also the Mariners eighth best prospect according to MLB Pipeline.

Beyond him, we would probably want someone along the lines of Seth Elledge or Wyatt Mills if they can’t find a starter that they would like. Both have shown a lot of promise this season and in the past and look like they could both be great in the bullpen in the coming years.

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The Mets probably won’t trade Lugo unless they can find a really suitable return package because of how many years he has left. Even so, this is something that they could look into.