Mets Rumors: Is Wilmer Flores finally going to be traded?

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 03: Wilmer Flores
NEW YORK, NY - JULY 03: Wilmer Flores /

Wilmer Flores doesn’t want to leave the Mets. Many Mets fans don’t want him to leave. This might finally be the time he gets shipped out.

For all we know, the Wilmer Flores era with the New York Mets might be coming to a close. Recently there has been chatter that Flores’ name could begin popping up in trade talks soon. But many sides don’t want him to leave the Mets.

We all remember what happened three years ago, when Flores and Zack Wheeler were traded to the Brewers. Even though it never actually happened, Flores was very emotional during the game.

Everybody in his spot would be emotional because the Mets pretty much raised him. They signed him on his 16th birthday and on that day, he was with the team for a week shy of eight years.

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Fast forward three more years and Flores is still here and doing well. Recently, he made it clear again that he wants to stay with the team, but a lot can happen between now and July 31st.

For starters, he’s getting a lot more playing time lately and his average has slowly started going up. On April 29th his average was .196 and on July 4th it was .264. He’s also been hitting extra-base hits more frequently.

If he hadn’t started playing more often and getting more hits, teams wouldn’t really pay much attention to him. It’s different now that he’s playing better and there may very well be some teams that inquire about the young player over the next few weeks.

To some teams, Flores would serve as a solid bench player or even a starter depending on where they have him play. This season, Flores was mainly a first baseman as he played in more than 30 games at the position.

That doesn’t mean he’s limited to just that one position. He’s played a few games here and there at both second base and third base as well. He could even play short if a team really wanted him to as he played more than 100 games at the position in 2015.

The Mets most likely wouldn’t be able to get a lot in return for Flores unless the team they trade him to can see him getting a lot of playing time. He still has one more year left before he hits free agency too, so that would shake things up a bit.

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Regardless of whether he stays or leaves, fans will be happy with what he’s done as a member of the Mets, even if he was good only half of the time.