Mets: Nothing more than preliminary extension talks with Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard


For those wishing the New York Mets would lock up Jacob deGrom or Noah Syndergaard, it comes as a big disappointment to learn they’ve barely discussed an extension with their star pitchers.

As the New York Mets begin to write-up their for sale signs to stick on several veteran players, we learned the situation regarding a possible Jacob deGrom or Noah Syndergaard extension. Unfortunately, these talks haven’t gone beyond the preliminary stage.

It’s no surprise to see deGrom and Syndergaard sitting on the Mets roster without a known future. The Mets haven’t had much luck with contract extensions. The David Wright contract is one example of that.

Regardless of whether or not past deals have worked, this front office needs to take risks and build for the future. Sometimes this means holding onto the good parts you have.

Both deGrom and Syndergaard are extension candidates. More so, deGrom deserves some long-term security.

As one of the best pitchers in MLB, deGrom is someone the Mets need to decide on rather soon. He has two more seasons of arbitration eligibility left after 2018. The longer they wait, the more he could demand. The more he demands, the less likely they are to pay him.

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This is especially true if he continues to put up unworldly numbers this season. A Cy Young Award gives him better bargaining power. It could also mean the Mets shop him a little harder. This is the same organization that trade R.A. Dickey after winning a Cy Young. In that case, it was the right move. I’m doubtful they could win two deals like this.

Meanwhile, Syndergaard needs to prove he can stay healthy before the team even thinks about locking him up. Thor has been a brilliant pitcher in his short career.

However, the injuries seem to follow him like a lost puppy. He missed almost all of 2017 and has been dealing with a finger issue in 2018. He’s a little further from free agency. Offering him anything significant wouldn’t make sense quite yet.

In a time like this, the Mets don’t need to sign either to a long deal, but they should at least talk with their star pitchers about the future. Like any good employer, they need to remain transparent.

Letting this pair know how much they value them is a nice start.

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Until either signs a long deal, I have a feeling we’ll hear whispers of possible trades. Even then, we can’t count anything out.