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New York Mets: Best trade destinations for Jacob deGrom

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If the New York Mets decide to trade Jacob deGrom this summer, where could he go?

When it comes to discussing possible trades the New York Mets could make involving Jacob deGrom, one must start with the teams who have good farm systems.

Unfortunately, for the Mets, three teams vying for a playoff spot with a deep pool of young talent are not good trade partners. The Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies are the two best options in the National League. The Mets aren’t trading deGrom to either because of their shared division.

The other obvious candidate with a need for deGrom, the New York Yankees, share more than a division. They share a city with the Mets.

While all three teams have minor league talent to acquire a pitcher of deGrom’s caliber, it’s not happening.

There are other teams out there who could make a push to acquire deGrom. Pitcher-needy squads with young talent to spare are the only ones with any chance at swiping deGrom from New York.

Who are these teams and what can they offer Sandy Alderson?

Cleveland Indians

My least favorite team on this list from a talent perspective, the Cleveland Indians sure could use deGrom. Their pitching staff hasn’t been as stupendous this season although much of it falls on the bullpen.

For a few seasons, the Indians have relied more on their pitching than offense. It landed them in the 2016 World Series. It also got them back to the playoffs again in 2017 and should help them capture another division title in 2018.

However, without an unstoppable rotation, they may not go very far.

The Indians do have Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco, Trevor Bauer, and Mike Clevinger in their rotation. All have pitched well this year.

It’s the final spot in the rotation which has been a burden to Cleveland. Josh Tomlin‘s poor performance has left them with a hole. Could deGrom fill it?

The Indians don’t have the same farm system they did a few seasons ago. When they sent Justus Sheffield and Clint Frazier to the Yankees for Andrew Miller, they shipped off two of their better young players.

There is one prospect the Indians have in their arsenal the Mets should drool all over. Catcher Francisco Mejia is regarded as the best catching prospect in MLB. Any trade for deGrom must include him.

Beyond Mejia, the Indians don’t have any incredible prospects. I don’t see the Mets making a deal with them unless they absolutely love Mejia. I think they can find a better package elsewhere.