Mets: Is Tim Tebow a legitimate prospect in the organization?


The Mets’ Tim Tebow had an interesting sports career. We examine how he is doing now and where he actually stands in the Mets farm system.

A former Heisman trophy winner, a professional quarterback in the NFL, and now a professional baseball player in the New York Mets organization. Where does Tim Tebow actually stand in the Mets farm system? Can he actually make a run for the major leagues someday?

Between the Instructional League, St. Lucie, Columbia, and Binghampton, Tebow has been a very well-traveled player in such a short period of time. Through his first 162 professional baseball games, Tebow has compiled a batting average of .229, an OBP of .312, and a slugging percentage of .359. He has 12 home runs to his name, as well.

To compare Tebow to some other multi-sport athletes who have taken up baseball, Tebow has come near or surpassed many of them in terms of minor league stats. For example, Danny Ainge, who went onto play for the Toronto Blue Jays for two seasons, hit .237 in the minors, very similar to Tebow.

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Another example is Deion Sanders, who hit 19 home runs in 253 minor league games. Tebow is on pace to break that number. Sanders went on to be very successful in the MLB. He has the potential to be successful, as well.

He has been on the upswing lately, and in the midst off arguably the best month of his baseball career. In Double-A, he has hit .244 and already has 4 home runs in just 35 games.

It is uncharacteristic for a player’s stats to improve as they move up in the minor leagues, but Tebow’s stats have done just that. This shows development and growth at the plate.

It is also important to remember that the last time Tebow played competitive baseball was his junior year of high school in 2005. It was always going to take some time for him to produce efficiently, and it seems like he has finally gotten to that point where he can.

Over the offseason, Mets general manager Sandy Alderson said this about Tebow:

"“Somebody asked me whether I think he’ll be a major-league player at some point. I think he will play in the major leagues. That’s my guess.”"

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Simply put, the answer is yes. Tim Tebow is a legitimate prospect in the New York Mets organization. Mabye we can see him someday in blue and orange at Citi Field.