New York Mets should have never let Wally Backman go


New York Mets GM Sandy Alderson and his poor judgment of character are why Wally Backman is no longer employed by the team.

There has been much scrutiny about the New York Mets‘ young talent. Amed Rosario is learning how to bunt lately.  He also doesn’t know how to steal bases. With his speed, that is a huge asset. These tools are supposedly taught in the minor leagues before he was promoted to the big club.

Sandy Alderson fired the manager and coaches of their AAA team, the Las Vegas 51’s, in the offseason. He cited that players weren’t prepared to be ready for the majors.

It was Sandy’s ego and stubborn pride that got in the way of keeping Wally Backman. Backman, who should have managed the Mets long ago, managed the AAA team for a number of seasons and had some great success.

Terry Collins, former manager of the Mets, credited Backman with his ability to get prospects properly prepared for the majors.

Backman was a hard-nosed player who cares deeply about the game and knows how to manage and coach a team. He is quite blunt when it comes to his philosophies and never coincided with Sandy’s beliefs.

Instead of putting pride aside and realizing just how much of an asset he had with Backman, he insulted him by never bringing him up in September as an additional coach. He also never coached or managed the major league team.

Wally Backman knew how to bunt and knew fundamentals. Amed Rosario would be bunting and steal bases long ago if Backman was still with the AAA club.

It is inexcusable to have minor league players not get the proper training to be prepared for the faster pace, fundamentally sound major leagues. That is the sole purpose for why these players are in the minors. They are supposed to get enough experience and learn the proper fundamentals to properly play the game at an elite level.

Alderson has done a very poor job of rebuilding the farm system and acquires the right players in trades. The values of their players, either in the minors or currently on the team, are all lower than anticipated. Even if the Mets compete this season and want to acquire a player or two by the trade deadline, they don’t have the chips to make a blockbuster trade.

Wally Backman is just another reason why Sandy Alderson should be fired. Alderson is clearly too stubborn to have an open mind with varying personalities.

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In a new world of analytics and communication with the players, there’s always common sense old-school coaching that must be present. Losing Backman cost the Mets a lot more than just a minor league manager.